Welcome to Babylon Secondary School , where our commitment is to create a nurturing and stimulating environment where every individual experiences happiness, safety, security, and confidence. We aim to empower students to achieve their full potential by fostering self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment.

Teaching Staff

Our professional staff plays a pivotal role in encouraging high performance within a caring and supportive environment. Devoted to the students, our staff provides engaging and enriching experiences, shaping well-rounded and sociable citizens.

House Activities

Compulsory participation in various House activities such as Dancing, Singing, Basketball, Cricket, Public Speaking, Anchoring, Karate, Taekwondo, Wushu, and more ensures a well-rounded development of our students.  House Competition Babylon features four houses – Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow – where students compete in various Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) and Co-curricular Activities (CCA) according to their respective Houses.  Co-curricular Activities (CCA)/ Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) Regular whole-school CCA/ECA competitions, including Poem Writing and Recitation, Extempore, Spelling Bee, Handwriting, Elocution, Debate, Table Tennis, Basketball, Cricket, Volleyball, and more, provide opportunities for students to showcase their talents and earn recognition.

3Di School Program

The 3Di program focuses on digital media as the foundation for learning creative technology, aiming to develop new learning techniques, soft skills, and introduce students to future technologies.


For those in need, Babylon offers separate hostels for boys and girls.

Oral Exam

To support overall student development, Babylon has implemented oral exams, fostering speaking skills and confidence.

Project Work and Field Trips

Field trips and project work are integral parts of the curriculum, providing practical experiences that complement classroom learning.


Listening and speaking classes are conducted at all levels to familiarize students with different accents and enhance their academic spoken language skills.

Book Review

Students engage in book reviews of novels, stories, biographies, etc., following teachers’ instructions.


Class Students prepare presentations on specific subjects or topics, showcasing their work in front of parents, teachers, and friends. Winning groups receive the privilege to perform in a special assembly led by the principal and respective level coordinator.

No Book Day

To promote a break from routine learning, we introduce “No Book Day,” allowing students to engage in activities-based learning without carrying regular books.

Super Learning Class

This course equips students with effective learning, reading, and memory skills, enabling them to learn faster and more efficiently.

Regular Assessment

System Our daily assessment system evaluates students on regularity, punctuality, homework submission, attitude, and smartness, providing a comprehensive overview of their progress.