Welcome to Babylon Secondary School, where we are dedicated to creating a secure and nurturing environment for your child’s educational journey. Our mission is to foster a positive learning attitude through the renowned Montessori Method and Early Childhood Education. Exceptional Staff At Babylon, we are fortunate to have an exceptional and seasoned staff.

Highly Integrated Curriculum Our curriculum seamlessly weaves lessons from an early age, emphasizing direct interaction with tangible learning materials. Children actively engage in hands-on learning, promoting investigation, research, and self-discovery.  Themes Guided by themes, our school incorporates relevant materials, toys, books, and projects to enhance the learning experience.

Character Development We make a conscious effort to instill kindness, peacefulness, and respect in children, fostering positive attitudes towards others and the world around them.  Low Student-Teacher Ratio With a limited class size of 15 students and two co-teachers per class, we ensure individualized attention for optimal learning. Presentation Class Students prepare presentations based on subjects or specific topics, showcasing their work in front of parents, teachers, and peers. The winning group earns the privilege to perform in a special assembly with the principal and respective level coordinator.

Field Trips

Participation in field trips is mandatory to fulfill curriculum requirements. Parents must submit a permission form before their child can join any field trip. Arrival/Dismissal Procedure Students should arrive in their classrooms by 9:00 am, and dismissal occurs promptly after 3:00 pm. A Receiving Card is issued, which parents or guardians must present during release.


Uniforms are worn four days a week, with Tuesday and Friday designated as “House Dress” days.


Benefiting from smaller class sizes, students have ample time to complete assigned work in class. Various skills and projects may be sent home to reinforce learning.

Oral Exam

To support overall development, Babylon has implemented oral exams, fostering students’ speaking skills and confidence.


Daily music is integrated into classrooms and outdoor activities, and preschoolers gather weekly in the music room with our dedicated music teacher.

Play Group

We offer a playgroup section with daycare services.